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My Minimalism Dilemma

Will I wish I could have said that about some thing I’m currently considering getting rid of, or will I end up pulling it out of the closet in 20 years saying, “Why on earth did I keep this?”

That unknown is my real struggle with minimalism. How do I know which things will be which?

Faith My Thoughts

Reflection in Writing

One thing you should know about me, I have a terrible memory. Part of the reason I forget so easily is I don’t (or didn’t) take the time to reflect on my experiences. Moments I didn’t realize I would forget, I forgot. Memories I didn’t think were anything other than mundane were lost. Trips with family, conversations with friends, and experiences that changed me as a person were remembered only at a macro level without any of the details that made those experiences so worthwhile. By journaling consistently and increasing my intentionality, I’ve found I remember a lot more than I thought, I just hadn’t given myself the mental space to recall it.