Organizing an event takes some serious time and thought, and every detail is a reflection of you and how you’ve prepared for the big day. Talk about pressure! The success of the speakers you’ve selected shouldn’t be a mystery until the day of the big event.

You want to know you’ve booked someone who’s engaging, experienced and confident before they take the stage. That’s what this page is designed to do for you. Don’t just take my word for it. Below are a few of my recent speaking experiences and videos of me…you guessed it…speaking!

I also understand some event planners have an idea about the speakers they want to hire, but they don’t know the specific topic they’d like addressed, and any good speaker should be able to help with this area. Below are a few examples of topics I’m well versed in both professionally and personally. You can request one of the listed topics, suggest something related, or ask for something brand new. I’m flexible and seeking to expand my speaking opportunities, so it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Topic Ideas Geared toward adults

  • The Basics of Graphic Design
  • An Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  • The Humility of God

Topic Ideas Geared toward children

  • The Sower: An Unexpected Journey (The Parables of Jesus)
  • The Mystery of God (God Incarnate)
  • Real Love, Not Puppet Love (God’s Sovereignty and our Response)

Current/Upcoming Speaking Events

July 2018: Twin Lakes Bible Camp

This week-long event features two messages each day, Sunday-Friday, based around the theme of the parables of Jesus. The campers are grades 4-6, and I  am thrilled, honored and absolutely humbled to be able to meet each of them and encourage them to pursue a life with Jesus.

Ballwin Life Podcast: Ongoing

This is a project I complete on a weekly basis. I discuss various topics affecting the people who live in our community and interview leaders in the area. Here’s a link to one of my favorite episodes:

Past Speaking Experience

An Introduction to Social Media Marketing: August 2017

This was a joint presentation given to about 40 parks and recreation professionals with little or no social media management background. We discussed various platforms, expectations, tips, and resources over the lunch hour.

The Basics of Graphic Design: February 2017

A presentation given to approximately 30 local parks and recreation professionals in order to help them boost the reputation of their City’s brand. This hour-long event, began with an engaging thought experiment and ended with open discussion and brainstorming.


The Humility of God: March 2013

As the guest speaker one Sunday at a small Evangelical church in Iowa, I addressed the topic of the humility of God. I firmly believe this is one of his most astounding attributes because it is hard to wrap our minds around, and it’s so contradictory to our natural human tendencies toward pride and conceit.

Children’s Ministry Intern: Summer 2012

In 2012, I spent the summer at a church in Michigan as the Children’s Ministry Intern. In this role I organized and planned all the youth events for the summer including children’s church, a children’s sermon, and VBS. This role involved lots of speaking with children and remains to this day, one of my favorite working experiences. Maybe it had something to do with living a few block away from the beaches of Lake Michigan, but I like to think it also had something to do with the joy of the Lord!