Are you tired of seeing no progress in your marketing efforts?

Are you lost as to where to start with social media?

Is your information being viewed, but not sold?


Let’s talk about your business.

If you want to portray your business in a professional, yet personal way,  stick around.

If you’re stuck on social media and don’t have a clue how to leverage this for your business, you’re in the right place.



We offer three main services that are aimed to help small businesses use their marketing to reach a wider audience and sell their products and services in a genuine way.



We’ll start by identifying your ideal client or customer. Then we’ll analyze how we can reach them using a wide range of marketing techniques from ads, to email campaigns, to social media and more.

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Once we have a marketing strategy in place for your unique business, we will work together to display your business in the right words. Words that connect, sell, and build trust so that each person who sees your product will know what you’re all about.

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If necessary, I can train you and your team in your strategy so that everyone leaves with a solid grasp of what the vision is and how we plan to reach it together.

I also do a variety of other speaking events, outside of marketing and writing.

Think you need a little bit of everything or some kind of killer combination? Contact me and let’s talk it out.