Ballwin Life Magazine

This is the quarterly magazine of which I am the editor for the City of Ballwin. It’s a project I helped implement in 2017. While I partner with another coworker to put all the elements together, I play a large part in the writing, editing and designing of this particular publication.

Quarter 4, 2018
Quarter 3, 2018
Quarter 2, 2018
Quarter 1 2018
Quarter 4 2017
Quarter 3 2017
Quarter 2 2017
Quarter 1 2017


I am now the official “webmaster” of the City of Ballwin’s website, which is a first for me. And let me tell you, keeping a municipal government’s website lean and focused is one of the more challenging tasks I’ve ever had. There is simply so many moving parts. With multiple different departments it’s like having four businesses of entirely different niches sharing the same website. It’s a challenge, and it’s fun. We’ve made a lot of progress since giving the site a facelift in 2017, and there’s no end in sight. I’m always looking for ways to improve. 

Social Media

Here’s where I get nervous to share. I would consider this topic my speciality, but it’s often unfortunately overshadowed and under-prioritized with all the tasks I have to juggle. I’ve been in my new role at the city for one year now so I’m in my element and know how to manage my projects well, but I’m spread pretty thin when it comes to social media. Meaning I manage 8 different Facebook pages, 2 Instagram accounts, 2 Twitter accounts, and dozens of other online presences such as Yelp and Google +.

So I definitely have some fear in sharing these projects because I know it’s not my best social media work. Also in my new role I’m starting to take more of a managerial role with our social platforms so I’m doing less of the content creation on certain pages so I don’t want other people’s work to be negatively attached to my name. In light of all my other responsibilities, it is what it is right now. And just putting these pages here (even though few will stumble across them) gives me an added push to do the work.

City of Ballwin, Missouri Government Facebook Page
City of Ballwin Twitter Account
City of Ballwin Instagram Account
Ballwin Public Works Facebook Page
Ballwin Parks and Recreation Facebook Page
Ballwin Parks and Recreation Instagram Account
Ballwin Parks and Recreation Twitter Account
The Pointe at Ballwin Commons Facebook Page
North Pointe Aquatic Center Facebook Page
Ballwin Golf Course and Club Facebook Page
Ballwin Summer Camps Facebook Page
Ballwin Police Department Facebook Page
Ballwin Police Department Twitter Account
Ballwin Police Department Instagram Account

Email Newsletters

One of my favorite parts of my job is creating compelling content for our various email newsletters. I send between 7-10 newsletters or email marketing campaigns each month for our various facilities, programs, events, and departments. It’s a project that just flows for me. When I have something on my calendar, I can plan ahead and it always gets done. And these various newsletters are a perfect example. Yes it can be a lot to try and send 4-5 marketing emails to different lists in one week, but if I plan ahead and work in batches, I can get it all off my desk, right on time.

Here are a few of my favorite recent email campaigns or articles I’ve written:

Indoor Triathlon Sales Email Example
Member of the Month Example
City of Ballwin Community Update Email Example



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