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Are You Believing This Lie as a Christian?

The most magnificent holiday full of hope and new life and I’m sitting at my computer screen trying desperately to think of any other topic to write about.

It’s Easter weekend! Hallelujah!

Easter is probably the most important holiday in the Christian faith, because without Easter our Savior who came into the world and forgave our sins would still be dead. He would have brutally died for our sake, but ultimately lost the battle with death.

If he cannot overcome death, surely there is no hope for us mere mortals, and we would be left wondering for the rest of our existence where our eternity would be spent.

But no.

Jesus did not lose the battle with death. He won. And he won big time.

This is good news and something to be celebrated!

The Lie

Can I be completely and truly honest with you for a minute?

I am terrified to write this blog post.

The most magnificent holiday full of hope and new life and I’m sitting at my computer screen trying desperately to think of any other topic to write about.

Why? Because I believe a lie so many Christians believe from time to time which can end up paralyzing us from taking the action God has called us to take: I don’t know enough about my faith to share it well.

I can almost hear some of your eyes rolling.

Kirsten, you have a blog all about your faith, don’t tell me now that you think you’re under-qualified to share your faith. Believe it my friend.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love talking about my faith. I love sharing God’s story with other people and what it means for them. They have freedom and life and love just waiting for them if they only recognize the hand who holds it all. Sharing the practical application of your love for God in your day to day life– that I love doing.

But Easter? Easter is such a huge responsibility. I don’t know enough about the Bible to neatly summarize everything that Easter means. I don’t know all the historical references and meaning of the Greek words. I don’t have each of the gospel tellings of the Easter story memorized and a point by point list of the differences between each account. The story is just too big for someone without a theology degree to break down and understand. Something of this importance really should be left to the professionals, the pastors.

The Truth

But what kind of example would I be as a Christian blogger encouraging others to live out their faith, if I stood behind my fear and didn’t write this blog post?

A cowardly one. A hypocrite.

The truth is. I do know enough about Easter to share the miracle of this holiday with you.

Because I know that Easter means this and only this: Jesus rose from the grave.

He was beaten, humiliated, tortured, and killed because people did not believe he was who he said he was. His body hung for all to see. God, the creator of the universe humbly allowed this all to happen so that there would be a way that each of his beloved (you) would have a way to access his heart. A way to connect with him and spend eternity in his presence.

He put the weight of my sin and yours on his son in order to clear the air between us.

They took his body and put it in a tomb where it sat for three days. He was dead. He had lost. His mother and friends were weeping. They had put all of their hope, all of their trust, the entire direction of their lives in his hands and now he was gone.

They were lost without him. And so are you.

But then Jesus…

Jesus didn’t let the story end there. On that third day, the tomb was empty. The tomb was empty! The grave was robbed of a soul it thought it had won. He conquered death, which is the future we’re promised in him as well.

Not only are we allowed to walk with God while we spend our few decades on this planet, but we are given the hope that death will not be the end. We’ll get to spend eternity living with him in a place he so perfectly designed that no bad thing will be able to exist in it.

Now it’s Your Turn

So what am I supposed to do with all of this Kirsten? Well, I like to keep things practical so I think the answer is one of three things.

#1 I’m Not a Christian

If you’re not already a Christian, if you haven’t been saved, then I think your next step is making sure your soul’s eternity is secure. If you’d like someone to walk you through that process and answer the questions that you have along the way, I hope you know I am here to do that for you.

#2 I’m Already a Christian

 If you are already a Christian and you live your life in a way that reflects you know your Father intimately then you already know that one of your Father’s commands is to tell other people about him. You’re responsible for taking part in the work he is doing on earth and helping as many people as possible learn how he saved them too.

So your next step would be to stop believing the lie all of us believe sometimes about how you don’t know enough about your faith to share it with someone else. Because the truth is this: if you know you’ve sinned even once in your life, and you know that means according to God that you’ve been separated from him, then you know you need something that can bridge that gap and that something is actually a someone — Jesus.

And if you know that he was beaten and killed on the cross but that three days later he rose to prove that even death has no power over the almighty God, and that he desires a personal relationship with you even though you’ve done nothing to deserve it….

Well my friend, you have all the knowledge you need. A prayer for him to lead you and some faith for the follow through is all you require to share your faith now.

So let’s do it. I’ll be right alongside you.

#3 I Want to Be A Christian, But to Be Honest I’m Not Sure if I Am

And if you find yourself somewhere in the middle, not sure which of these actually describes you, then you’re in the right place. Sometimes God calls our hearts before we even feel ready. We can feel the tug of something calling us to pursue God, but we have questions we want answered first, we’re humans, so we like to understand things before we jump all in, trust me I get it.

Or we have a general understanding of the Christian story but we can’t say for sure that we’ve fully committed. Well sweet friend, that is exactly what this website was designed for– to walk with you through that process and point you to a God who loves you. He is working in your life and I cannot wait to point that out to you. Your next step might be as simple as this: keep reading this blog. Go back and read some other posts about Salvation, and how to Grow Closer to God, and stay curious. God will put all the pieces together in his timing, so just keep an open mind and let him be God.


And if you, any one of you, no matter which number above best describes you, need some encouragement along the way to push back those lies— I will always be here for that.


In Him,


Kirsten Elsa

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