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Lessons From God: I was Thinking About my Job Search All Wrong

Due to my husband’s new job, I’m in a new city, a new home, a new community, and God can take me in any direction he chooses. I realized I wouldn’t get an interview, a job or even an offer without him causing it to happen. What happened after that realization was pretty extraordinary.

It was as I was falling asleep that God shared it with me.

You see, the last month and a half has consisted of interviews, applications, portfolios, searching for jobs and praying–lots of praying.

If you’ve ever gone through a job search you know how many emotions you can experience in a single day. Fear, insecurities, doubt, excitement, hope, nervousness, exhaustion. They’re all part of the process.

What I Thought

This one night as I was falling asleep, I had this deep understanding that God is in complete control of my future. Of course I always knew this, but it took on a new meaning when my life felt like such a blank slate.

Due to my husband’s new job, I’m in a new city, a new home, a new community, and God can take me in any direction he chooses. I knew wouldn’t get an interview, a job or even an offer without him causing it to happen. I was completely at his mercy.  

This was a powerful realization, and I was so thankful to be in a season where God could change my path at any moment and point me in the direction he would have me go.

I felt how real his control was over my life — this was a fresh start. And I was excited.

This all had me feeling pretty smart and wise in my prayer. I mean that’s pretty deep right?

And then God…

What happened next is hard to describe partly because I was nearing deep sleep and partly because it’s difficult to describe the moment when you hear God talking to your soul.

The sense came over me that God, my Father, my Pappa was grinning at me with his head tilted to the side, his eyes full of sweet pity. He looked at me the way any dad would look at a five-year-old who is working so hard to understand something she’s not mature enough to grasp.

That child thought she was a genius, but God was thinking “oh that’s so cute.”

Then I heard him say, almost as if he was in the room (not audibly, I just heard him in my heart) Kirsten Elsa, I’m always this much in control of your life. I could change anything I want about your life at any moment whether you felt like it was fresh start or not.


Talk about a humbling eye-opening moment. Of course he is in total control, and how silly of me to only realize it when I was waiting for his direction.

Today is a Big Day

Today, I start that new job I’ve been praying about for weeks and months.

True to his word, he faithfully provided an opportunity and is pointing my life in the direction he wants me to go. And while all the emotions I had during the search are still lingering, I know he is holding this new job, this new opportunity in his hands and guiding me through it.

God is Always in Command

If I had the next five years of my life meticulously planned out it wouldn’t matter. If he wanted to take me in a new direction, he could. He doesn’t need to wait for a “blank slate season” to change the course of my life.

This new understanding was a beautiful reminder of his power, his sovereignty and his heart.

God is Always Good

Perhaps the most wonderful thing about learning this lesson is that he never caused me to feel foolish.

It was a gift to hear from him and learn more about his character, and even though I was thinking about it wrong, he didn’t make me feel bad about it.

He just gave me a fatherly shake of the head and a smile that said, “I love that you’re trying.”

Following His Lead

So as I head into my first day of work at a new job, I know God is just as much in control of my future as when I was a blank slate applying for jobs. Heck, he could cause me to lose this job within a week if he so desired.

But I also head into this season knowing God is about to do something big. Although it’s all new to me, nothing is new to him. And I cannot wait to see what he already sees.

Nothing is New to God Quote Card


Will you join me in entrusting your entire future to the one who knows you better than you know yourself?

In Him,

Kirsten Elsa


Reflection Verse

A person’s steps are directed by the LORD. How then can anyone understand their own way? — Proverbs 20:24 (NIV)


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8 comments on “Lessons From God: I was Thinking About my Job Search All Wrong

  1. Carla Yoder

    Go with faith into the place God has planned for you! He has plans bigger for you than you have for yourself! Lean into Him and His guidance! Look around and see and feel what is there for you. Pick up the work and do not be afraid for He planned this! Be confident with God.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahhh Carla, that’s so powerful, thank you! I truly am starting to finally believe that “he has plans bigger for me than I have for myself.” I’m quite excited to see what they are and get this whole journey started!


  2. Kirsten, I love this! You are so right about God’s complete control over the direction of our lives. I think it’s easy to forget that. I love what you said about God not waiting for a “blank slate season”, like your move to a new city. God can truly change the course of our lives at any moment. I join you in surrendering to His will.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes and amen! You’re absolutely right, it’s so easy to forget. One of my former pastors used to always say humans are “professional forgetters.” I thought that was so accurate. But thankfully God always brings us back and reminds us we belong to him. Thanks for the comment Malika!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Eric Falley

    This is great, Kirsten! The times when I’ve been most at peace are when I’ve focused all of my attention on what God is doing in my life and worshiping Him rather than thinking about what I want to do. It’s as if we were created simply to do things that worship and love Him. I wish I could remember this more often. Thanks for the reminder!


  4. Hi, Kirsten. I’m in a same situation where you been there in searching a new job. Waiting for Lord to give me a new path. I firmly believe that God is in control. Now, you have reminded me the wonderful works of God. Thank you for encouraging me!


    • It is so easy for us to take our eyes off him (I do it every single day at some point!) But you’re right, he does wonderful works for us. He is faithful even when we are waiting. Glad you enjoyed it Mariya!

      Liked by 1 person

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