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The Absolute Best Way to Become a ‘Power Couple’

You've heard the phrase "power couple" before, right? It refers to that couple who has it all together.

You’ve heard the phrase “power couple” before, right? It refers to that couple who has it all together. They’re fit. They’re beautiful. They’re driven. They’re Smart. Their selfies put yours to shame. They’re deeply in love. They have the whole package.

But we all know this image can often be untrue. It can be fake, superficial. A front created just for social media. Today I want to push back against the traditional idea of a ‘power couple’ and challenge you with this sentence: The absolute best way to become a ‘power couple’ is to become a ‘praying couple.”

The Praying Couple

There are a lot of ways to infuse prayer into your relationship, but today I want to talk specifically about prayer with your significant other. Prayer as a couple.

Let’s read that again and more slowly this time. Prayer with your significant other.

Notice I didn’t say prayer FOR your significant other (although this is important, and I’ve written before about that very thing) and I didn’t say prayer ABOUT your relationship with your significant other (again, very important) I said prayer WITH your significant other.

I don’t mean praying near him during your quiet time or being in the same room together when the pastor prays. I mean, you and him sitting down, heads bowed, hands held, approaching your heavenly Father as one, praying out loud, together.

Resistance to Prayer

“Kirsten I could never do that, it would be so awkward. I hate praying out loud.”

First, let me gently remind you; this is the person in your life who is more responsible than any other person to draw you closer to the Lord. You share everything with him. He cares about you, so I promise if you explain why it’s important he’ll walk alongside you in it.

And now, let me boldly state; this is exactly how the enemy wants you to feel. The more time you spend in prayer together, the closer you become to each other, and more importantly, the closer you are to the Lord. Trust me when I say, Satan wants none of that. So he will twist a heap of lies about how it will be awkward and uncomfortable because as soon as you start praying together as a couple, the harder his job becomes.

He will lie and tell you it will be awkward. But the truth is, it’s not awkward, it’s simply unfamiliar. So please, please dare to push past that lie.

You wouldn’t mock a child learning to walk and call her “awkward.” You would encourage her down the unfamiliar path and cheer her on with each step she took.

If you truly want your life to reflect the God who created you, if you really want the gospel to be plain and obvious in your life, if you really want to understand the faith you claim on Sunday mornings, then this ought to be at the top of our to-do-lists.

Surrender the lie of awkwardness to the Lord and ask him to give you the courage to try it.

My Failure

My husband and I have been convicted of this very thing more than once in our young marriage. It seems it shouldn’t be a lesson we need to re-learn after seeing the growth and joy it brings, but alas our human nature rears it’s ugly head and we forget. We get busy. We set aside time, but it mysteriously gets filled. We have good intentions but “tired” wins another battle.

Trust me. I get it. But life on earth shouldn’t be an excuse for not pursuing eternal things.

Clearly, saying we’ll pray together at least once a week (I’m not talking every hour here!) isn’t doing the trick. Because it seems we fail more often than we succeed. So I’m putting out the bat signal to all my Godly people for help. I need you to help hold me accountable…but there’s a catch.

You have to agree to this too.

The Prayerful Couple Challenge

Let’s start small. This Thursday, I’ll be setting aside 30 minutes to pray with my husband. A lot is going on in our lives right now, and Lord knows we need as much prayer as we can get, so the time has been set.

My first request is this: follow up with me. Make sure I do it. Text me, comment below or send me an email to ask about it.

And my second request is this: do it with me. If not Thursday, then sometime in the next five days make it happen. Do not let another week go by when you haven’t made this a priority. And then, tell someone else about it. Get some accountability around this, and imagine how much more powerful it will be when others see God glorified in your relationship and Satan has to hear about it again.

Make me one other small promise. If you’re already a power prayerful couple, would you please reach out to another couple to encourage them in this? And if this is the very first time you’ve prayed together as a couple, or it’s been so long it might as well be considered the first time, would you be so brave as to let me know? This stuff is so important I want to be sure there are others walking through it with you. Don’t try to do this alone, that’s exactly what the enemy wants.

In Him,


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