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Making Space for God

The hard truth, my friend, is this: if I don’t leave space for God to move, I won’t see him move.

This week in my quiet time, God shared a word with me which I believe will be the theme of my 2019.

I was reflecting on my marriage and praying God would help me continue to be intentional about getting to know my husband. It’s easy, I think, to assume after being a couple even for a short six years we know each other completely. But on this day, I felt God reminding me I needed to allow space to get to know him (my husband, and my heavenly father) more for the rest of my life.


That was the word that hit me. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that word could be applied to so many aspects of my life.

  • Physical Space (I’m on a current quest to become more tidy and organized, and clutter is the enemy of space.)
  • Mental Space (Do I allow enough breathing room in my daily schedule to be still?)
  • Relational Space (Am I devoting quality time with the people who matter?)
  • Schedule Space (Is my schedule so jam-packed I have no room for the truly important parts of life?)
  • Financial Space (Does my lifestyle outweigh my income so as to cause me to hesitate about giving freely to others?)
  • Spiritual Space This is the kicker because this is the heart of all the other examples. Does my life allow space for God to be glorified in me?

Because the hard truth, my friend, is this: if I don’t leave space for God to move, I won’t see him move. That does not mean he is not still sovereign over my life, but I will miss out on the honor of seeing his hand in that work. And I am much more likely to begin operating outside of his will for my life.

Look at Jesus’ ministry on earth. Did he have a tight schedule filled with meetings and appointments daily? Or did he follow his father’s lead and stop when he was prompted by the spirit to minister to the one person who was standing right in front of him?

Obviously, in our current cultural context we cannot all quit our jobs and preach to the crowds daily. But we CAN make space to stop for the one person God puts in our path. If we’re constantly rushing from one thing to the next, I’m willing to bet we will never even see the one person God is asking us to love that day.

Never forget, in 1 Kings chapter 19 God spoke in a whisper. Not a great wind, not an earthquake, not a fire, but a whisper. How often do you hear a whisper if you’re busy and stressed. Rarely, if at all. And do you know what happens when a whisper is made in a place with a lot of space? It echos.

Live your life in a way that allows God’s whispers in your life to echo.

In Him,

Kirsten Elsa

1 comment on “Making Space for God

  1. Space :;
    And you make a great point ,,,,, what do we put in the space ?
    The choices we make to fill the gaps.
    How full is the space going to be ?
    What needs to be in the space?
    But the thing that is always in the space …. love . God always in the space . Wow


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