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God Speaks in the Small and Big Things

Every morning I wake up early and turn on a lamp in my living room. The light bulbs in this lamp are the new energy efficient kind designed to look more like natural sunlight.

Each day the light from the lamp is necessary when I wake up because the house is still dark and I can’t read, write or work without a little extra light inside. But after an hour or so of working, the light outside starts to catch up. The lamp becomes less necessary as the sun begins to rise and fill my home with light.

One morning not too long ago, the lamp was especially necessary as it was rainy, cloudy and more dark than usual. As I turned on the lamp that morning I thought I’d have to leave it on longer with how dark it was outside.

But soon I noticed something.

I noticed how even with clouds, rain and thunderstorms, the day got lighter. My home still got brighter. The small amount of light that was coming through the thick clouds was more than enough to illuminate the earth.

What a beautiful example of Christ’s power in our lives.

Even when it seems there is nothing but darkness around us, the day gets lighter. The rain might not quit, but the sun is still at work. Behind the clouds, despite the storm, there is a force I cannot see working to provide light.

That morning, I realized how little credit I was giving the sun. Imagine the storm from the sun’s prospective. “A few clouds, that’s cute. I’ll still cause the entire earth to get lighter because my power is far greater than a little rain,” the sun says.

Now imagine a storm in your life from Jesus’ perspective. “You think I don’t have more power than that? That storm has nothing on my light, because my power is far greater,” the son says.

Let’s give the creator of the universe a little more credit.

I am in no way meaning to diminish any storm you are experiencing in your life. Instead, I’m aiming to show you that no matter how terrible that storm, God’s love and strength far exceeds the power of the darkness. Cling to his light and make sure he receives all the glory as you watch his light increase.

Be encouraged in him this week and remember the words of Paul in his letter to the Roman church (chapter 8, verses 18-21) “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us…”

Your suffering is temporary. The son is working despite that suffering. And those sufferings have nothing on the glory that will come.

In Him,


If you were encouraged by this post and can share something similar with me, please do. I’d love to hear what God has taught you about his light amidst the darkness. Please comment below and share your experience, or join the conversation on my Facebook Page. 

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