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Day One: 7 Day Journaling Challenge

Welcome to the 7 Day Journaling Challenge

First of all, congratulations! You’re here, which means you’re awesome. Just by signing up to do this challenge proves you’re well on your way to a more consistent journaling habit.

My goal for this challenge is to not only give you some tips of how to journal better, but to spur you on toward actually writing in your journal. Because if all I do is give you more information, we’re both wasting our time. So the goal is action.

And if you were thinking, “I don’t have time to journal,” let me debunk that myth. The truth is, ten minutes a day is more than enough for most people. And I know you have ten minutes to spare somewhere in your day.

On to the Challenge

Each day for the next seven days you’ll get a brief email like this from me, some of which will include a short video for you to watch. And then your assignment is to actually get writing.

In today’s video you’ll hear…

  1. a personal story from me that perfectly illustrates why I think journaling is so cool and so important
  2. a very important piece of advice for those who are just getting started with journaling
  3. what your first assignment is for Day One

My part will be short, but the work comes from you. So get prepared and get pumped, because it starts now.

The Whole Point of Journaling

Imagine you don’t have a journal to help you remember the details of different experiences. You might vaguely remember a little about an experience, but it’s hard to reignite the same feelings you had in the moment. The raw excitement, disappointment, doubt, elation, hilarity, sadness is lost when we experience something but never reflect on it. And that’s the point of journaling.

“Journaling helps us reflect on our experiences so they become more deeply rooted in our hearts and minds.”

Have you ever looked at a picture from your childhood and wondered if you actually remembered that moment or if it’s just because of the picture that you have that memory? That can sometimes be what journaling does. You might vaguely remember the experience, but revisiting it later helps it stick and become even more real than it might have been otherwise.

I don’t know about you, but I remember things much differently, much more deeply, when I’ve spent time thinking about them as I write them down. Journaling is about more than capturing memories, it’s about our memories becoming more real in the process.

Congratulations on accomplishing Day One of this challenge. I’ll be right back here in your inbox tomorrow, see you then!

If you’re not already signed up to receive the rest of these challenges, please enter your email address here so you can participate. I’ll send the rest of the updates via email.

Stay in the Game.

Make sure you carve out time every day this week to complete this challenge. If you complete all seven days you’ll be eligible to win a free journal from yours truly! Watch this video for details. 

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