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A Growing Family

A growing family is a beautiful thing.

I’ll start this off by saying, no, this is not a pregnancy announcement (sorry if that disappoints anyone). This post is about family growing, just in a different way.

If you’ve been to a family member’s wedding before, you know it’s a beautiful thing to see your family grow when adding a new member to your clan through the bond of marriage. I got to experience this again recently when my youngest brother got married.

His wife is one of the sweetest, most generous and kind-hearted people I’ve ever met (which makes them a good match). And as you can tell in the pictures below, they’re gorgeous people inside and out! I was so honored to be a part of their special day as a bridesmaid and watch them unite as one before God, family and friends.

After the ceremony, I hugged this beautiful bride. And as I leaned in, she beamed and declared, “SISTER.” That one word brought tears to my eyes as I considered what it truly meant to have gained a sister.

That sweet experience reminded me how blessed we are as Christians to see our family grow every time someone understands his or her salvation for the first time.

“When we enter the body of believers we’re seeing the family of God grow.”

The day we know who our heavenly father is we become sisters and brothers with every other believer in the same way we gain a sister at a brother’s wedding.

To add to the experience of gaining a sister, the pastor at the wedding talked about how the covenant of marriage applies to more than just the bride and groom, but to the entire family. In other words, I didn’t gain a “sister-in-law” but a “sister-in-covenant.” Because it’s their covenant to one another, not the law, that unites her and I as sisters.

I talked about this experience more in depth in a video I made last week on Facebook, feel free to check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.

Finally, when you have time this week, I’d highly recommend you read Romans 8:14-16 and consider what it means to be adopted into God’s family. Then, spend some time with the Lord and thank him for his covenant that unites us as family. Even if I don’t know you, we are family because we have the same father in heaven. And I thank the Lord for the gift of having you as my sibling!

If you were encouraged by this writing and can share something similar with me, please do. I’d love to hear how God has taught you about the bond we have as a family of believers. Please join the conversation by commenting below or visiting my Facebook Page. 

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