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You’re Never Too Busy

Last week was a big week for me. I was the guest speaker at a youth Bible camp back in Iowa. Going in to the experience I thought I’d have time to relax and catch up on sleep all while delivering an encouraging and challenging word to the kids.

Six days and ten messages later, I was more tired than when I arrived.

While it was a very full week, I’d do it again tomorrow if I could. Speaking to those kids and watching them start to understand (as much as any of us can really) the love God has for them was such a gift.

Last week came during a very busy season of life, but I’ll share with you something God told me while I was contemplating accepting the job. Initially, I was so excited about the opportunity to speak at the very camp I grew up attending. Then– doubts, busyness and stress started to creep in and distract me.

I’d have to take a week off of work, I’d need to travel out of state, my husband and I would have to spend a week apart, I’d need to spend time (lots of time) preparing for ten different messages. I just didn’t think I could do it.

When you pray, be ready to listen AND respond

Almost ready to turn down the opportunity, I committed to praying about it before officially saying no. And as I asked God to share with me his thoughts on the matter, I heard him give me permission to say no. He told me if the stress of leaving work and Justin for that long are too much it’s okay to say no. But then he said, “but if the answer is no because you’re too busy to prepare or too busy to go, that’s not okay. Because you’re never too busy to do the work I have called you to do.” 

Spiritual. Dagger.

I realized instantly, that my main “excuse” for not being able to go was because I was just too busy. And as he said, we are never too busy to do the work he has called us to do. So my plans changed, I said yes to camp, and I returned to being excited and nervous all at the same time.

In obedience, I spent hours and hours praying and preparing for the week only to find out I wasn’t prepared at all. I spent more time at the camp writing, rewriting and practicing my messages. But among all the late nights and early mornings God shared so much of his beauty with me, and this sunset is just one small example of it.

Our God is so good. He will always provide more than enough. And wow is he beautiful.

You’re never too busy

If we’re being honest, we’ve all had times where we’ve let our busyness stop us from pursuing the work God has called us to do. Can you think of a time where you felt called to do something but thought you were “too busy.” What does God have to say to you now about that experience? How did you learn from it?

And…are you now willing to let go of your busyness in the pursuit of the kingdom work God has prepared for you to do?

If you were encouraged by this story and can share something similar with me, please do. I’d love to hear how God is revealing the truth about your busyness to you. Please comment below, and share your experience! Then, to receive weekly encouragement similar to this straight to your inbox sign up to receive my weekly email newsletter

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