Why Girlfriends Rock

We know each other, intimately, so when someone shares a struggle or a weakness, we see that struggle or weakness in light of all her past successes and strengths.

A few weeks ago I made the 11+ hour trip to Colorado and arrived in the Centennial State for the second time this year. Meeting up with a few of my life-long friends for a weekend of catching up, hiking and relaxing did something good for my soul.

After spending a few days with some of the most beautiful and inspiring women I know, I became overwhelmed with God’s goodness. This group of women is committed to each other and makes our relationships a priority. Not just in theory, but in practice. I firmly believe everyone should have a group of friends like this, but also understand it was simply the grace of God which lead us together and not something you can force.

Forgive the mushiness which will inevitably follow, but here are a few reasons why these friendships are so strong, why these people mean the world to me, and why my girlfriends rock:

  1. No filters required.

    Maybe it’s because we’ve known each other since kindergarten, but there is something unspoken that happens when we’re in a discussion. We know each other, intimately, so when someone shares a struggle or a weakness, we see that struggle or weakness in light of all her past successes and strengths. No one has to add the caveat, “I promise I’m a good person,” or “don’t judge me for saying this.” We know each other’s hearts so well, those phrases aren’t necessary.

  2. We’re so much alike, yet so very different.

    Our personalities seem to mesh into one when we’re together, yet each of our passions help the others see things differently. Having grown up in the same place, we have countless similar tendencies, and it is so much fun to feed off of those when we’re together. On the other hand, now we’re considered grown ups and are spread out across the country living vastly different lives. These differences (even political differences-gasp!) allow us to challenge and also encourage one another.

  3. They are anti-drama.

    I don’t like dramatic, and these girls are anything but. They have such a sweet ability to see every situation from more than one perspective which leads to amazing conversations and wonderful advice and encouragement.

  4. Real, I mean really real, conversations.

    I remember in high school struggling to convince my parents I truly sat around in my friends’ basements and discussed life, religion and struggles. “Surely there is alcohol or something else involved,” they said. No Mom and Dad, I promise. These people just offer such deep, wholesome, conversation I never wanted it to end, and the same is true today.

  5. Obnoxious laughter

    I actually have lots of friends who can make me pee my pants from laughing too hard (maybe that’s more a discredit to my bladder than a credit to my funny friends), but I attribute the abs I had in high school to these girls because of their ability to make me laugh constantly for hours at a time. They are witty, quick on their feet and extremely intelligent, and they use those things to create the best humor you can imagine.

I hope you have friends like this, because there is nothing like it.

So to my girls, thank you for who you are. You are amazing. You inspire me. You challenge me. Your friendship means more than I’ll ever be able to tell you and as I re-read this post, I realize it doesn’t do you nearly enough justice. But I hope you know, I love you all with all my heart!


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