I’m embarrassed to say it’s been more than a week since my last blog post. Despite the fact I’ve thought about blogging a lot and actually longed to write again, life, as they say, inevitably got in the way. Since my last blog…

  1. I’ve accepted a promotion at my current job. Yay! This means better hours, more pay, increased flexibility with my schedule, and the ability to dedicate more hours to the projects I truly love. There are so many good things wrapped into this first point.
  2. We’ve moved. I realize moving out of an apartment isn’t as big of an undertaking as a house and for this, I’m extremely grateful, but wow, it is still a process. As someone who claims to find the idea of minimalism appealing (I admit I don’t practice minimalism but would be interested to pursue it someday), it stung a bit to look into the back of our moving truck and see how full it was. What made it worse, we were only moving down the street so the truck was only for our big furniture, and it still looked claustrophobically full. More on this topic later I’m sure.
  3. We’ve added a roommate. We’ve been married two years and frankly, I’m sick of hearing the “honeymoon stage” phrase because as far as I can see, and from the mouths of successful, lifetime-long marriages, it just keeps getting better. The honeymoon stage is whatever is next in my opinion. However, adding a roommate will certainly add a new dynamic and force us to increase our honesty and communication. I think I’ll be more affected by it than he, but reducing our monthly rent by hundreds of dollars at this point in life seems like a no-brainer. (Don’t forget I mentioned a raise in #1. So, fewer expenses AND more income. The Lord certainly provides faithfully).
  4. We’ve been asked to step into a leadership apprentice role for our church. Before my promotion was offered, we hadn’t considered staying where we are very long. My husband is in grad school and we figured we’d go somewhere, anywhere really, once he was finished. Now, this promotion is making us think a little harder. Not to mention the exact same day I was offered the promotion some leaders from our church family approached us about stepping into this role. I can’t tell if God is up there shaking me saying, “Can you not see me putting all the pieces into place because I want you to stay here?” or if he wants us to keep our hearts open and still be ready to uproot and go wherever he calls. It’s so much to think and pray about.
  5. My soon-to-be sister in law asked me to be a bridesmaid. This couple is so dear to my heart. My youngest brother is 7 years younger than me but probably 7 years more mature than I am. He loves the Lord and his fiance does too. She’s practically been a family member since they started dating, so I can’t wait for it to be official and to round out our family clan by adding another sister!
  6. I launched a new website at work. If you’ve ever done a website relaunch/facelift/upgrade or whatever you’d like to refer to it as, you know the amount of work this takes. It’s as if for a couple months you’re maintaining two websites, trying to update the new one and make sure the current one stays accurate as well. It was a sigh of relief when the new site went live yesterday, but I know I still have an enormous amount of work ahead of me.

While I am the first to admit I hate excuses, I’m extending some grace to myself here due to the fact that 6 fantastic things have happened in the last two weeks. All of which has left very little room for concentrated thinking and writing. I’ve caught myself talking about my busyness lately and justifying it by saying, “it’s all really good and exciting things though.” This helps of course, but ‘good things’ still contribute to busyness and interfere with important things.

Here end my excuses. I have a trip home to see my family scheduled this weekend, which is about an 8-hour drive. I haven’t been home since Christmas, so I’m excited. The following weekend my husband and I leave for a week to the Colorado mountains with his immediate family. Please hear me: These are not future excuses!

I see these trips coming and have decided they are no reason to step back from my goals. I will write, read, learn and work toward my goals the next few weeks, and I will fight the urge to “start back up when we get home from Colorado.” No, absolutely not. Because there is always another “Colorado.”

There is always a reason to delay working toward your goals just a little longer. If I’ve learned anything from starting this whole writing/blogging process about a month ago, I’ve learned I’m done thinking this way. It’s not productive and it ultimately leaves me with good intentions but no results. I won’t be the person who gets bored with life, I’ll be the person who never stops growing and always asks, “What’s next God?”